Build a Design System in SwiftUI with the Atomic Design methodology

In this talk, we will explore the world of Design Systems and how to build and maintain one using SwiftUI with the Atomic Design methodology. We’ll learn how to use SwiftUI to create a design system that provides a consistent user experience and improves development efficiency. We’ll cover the basics of SwiftUI, including reusable components and consistent styles, and delve into the principles of Atomic Design, organizing UI components into atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, and pages. We’ll see how to create a centralized library of reusable SwiftUI components, ensuring design consistency and efficiency throughout your projects. Finally, we’ll explore some practical insights and tips for maintaining and evolving your design system over time, including versioning and documentation.


Session info:

Speaker: Ibrahima Ciss

Indie iOS Developer at Xapo

Date: 14 March 2024

Time: 13:30 - 17:00

Relevant tags:
Swift Swiftui

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