Diving deep into coroutines on Android

Have you been learning Kotlin Coroutines by trial and error? Do you need a change of pace and environment or just a guide which doesn’t baffle you with the sheer amounts of computer science terms, which coroutines are built upon?

Look no more! In this workshop, we’ll go over the majority of the Kotlin Coroutines API, with the emphasis on explaining how each component works, which principles and elements are used behind the scenes, without burning out due to all the theory that is the foundation of computing and multi-threading. You’ll also see how to implement various examples and use cases with Coroutines, improving your Android applications and simplifying the code working with asynchronous APIs.

The outline itself would be something like:
The limits of being Synchronous
* Blocking calls
* Freezing up UI
Turning to Asynchronous programming
* Using new Threads and shared data
* Calling-back to code
* Working with Streams
* Climbing out of Callback-hell
* Fighting off the complexity of Rx
Introducing Coroutines
* The machine, simplified
* Coroutine builders
* Job lifecycle and relations
* Creating a suspendable API
* Deferring values with Async
* Migrating from callbacks and Rx to Coroutines
Explaining the inner works
* Demystifying Continuations
* Revisiting CoroutineContext
* Dispatching work
* Handling errors in coroutines
* Combining different contexts
* Writing structured and cooperative code
Advanced coroutine constructs
* Building stream-like mechanisms with Channels
* Differentiating channels
* Building Actor model workers


Session info:

Speaker: Filip Babić

Google Developer Expert for Android & Kotlin, Book author, mentor, teacher and content creator

Date: 14 March 2019

Time: 13:30 - 17:00

Relevant tags:
Android Kotlin

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