Interactions in parallel worlds with Android

Today the parallel experience can be done in two ways:
The augmented reality in which our physical environment is increased.

Virtual reality where we are completely immersed in a new universe.
These two implementations are of course very different and do not respond to the same needs. But what are the interactions at our disposal?

With the rise of technologies of parallel realities, it is important to know the best methods of interaction within these worlds.

Once immersed in a virtual environment, should we privilege the physical buttons on the helmets or the interactions of the gaze?
By increasing our real world, should we add virtual buttons to this increased environment or back to physical interactions on the smartphone?

We will show you the different ways to develop a parallel experience and show the best practices of interaction in the increased world then in the virtual environment under Android.


Session info:

Speaker: Wajdi Ben Rabah

Software engineer, Mobile & Web specialist at SFEIR

Date: 17 March 2017

Time: 13:30 - 14:20

Relevant tags:
Android VR

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