Introducing test automation into your mobile app

In today’s agile development world, product quality is the shared responsibility of everyone on the development team. Many mobile teams, however, don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated QA engineer, making test automation often an afterthought as developers focus their full attention on delivering new features. It’s only when things start breaking and the complexity of the application becomes overwhelming that many start seriously thinking about automating their quality assurance process. But when faced with a full fledged application with little test coverage, where to even begin?

This talk will explore strategies on how to start incorporating automated tests into your mobile application. We will use NRK’s streaming application as a case study, and look a little deeper into the various frameworks, test runner tools, and most importantly how to incorporate test automation into the daily development workflow.

Hopefully, this talk can inspire developers to invest time and energy into test automation, and try and achieve a high level of quality control in their applications.



Session info:

Speaker: Jelena Spocova

Software Engineer at NRK

Date: 18 September 2020

Time: 15:15 - 16:00

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