Lessons Learned on Managing Technical Debt at Parkmobile

Parkmobile is the leading parking solution in Netherlands, and things got bigger after BMW Group and Daimler AG’s agreement to combine their mobility services worldwide. Now operating in 11 countries and more than a 1000 cities, the iOS team in Netherlands started to face the challenge resulting from years of technical debt and building new features for several apps serving markets.

As the codebase is still mostly in Objective-C, we needed to come up with an incremental refactoring strategy to migrate to Swift. We started analysing how we build our internal dependencies and as a result, moved to a mono repository structure, adopted trunk-based development and feature flags.

In this talk, I’ll be sharing the lessons we learned while adopting all these changes. I’ll be also giving practical tips on building an effective team culture and effective communication with across your organization.


Session info:

Speaker: Emre Kucukayvaz

iOS lead at Parkmobile

Date: 15 March 2019

Time: 14:10 - 14:55

Relevant tags:
Best practices Case Study iOS

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