Navigating the AI Revolution: A Developer’s Guide to Staying Relevant and Valuable

As the world of work is changing so rapidly, skills will become outdated even faster than they do today. Even if you don’t know exactly what or when, you will have to continuously learn.

As the scale and speed AI is developed and deployed increases, it doesn’t matter if you graduated last year or 10 years ago. There will be a need not only for individuals who can build AI, but also ones who can work with AI and the rest? will still need to learn how to live with AI. To have a successful career in any field, and particularly in the tech industry, the only skill that will remain important is the skill of learning new things.

We will discuss some trends and share tips on how to become an avid lifelong learner.


Session info:

Speaker: Adi Stein

Developers GTM- Middle East & Africa HQ

Date: 12 May 2023

Time: 10:55 - 11:40

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AI Inspiration Tools

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