Why should I care about serverless?

Creating awesome apps for any device is just one of the things you have to worry about as an app developer.
You will probably have to communicate with some kind of backend system in order to fetch or update data. This backend should be an important part of your overall app design, but you don’t want to spend too much time on it.

That’s where serverless solutions come in to play!
With serverless solutions you can quickly create event-driven backend systems which integrate perfectly in your apps. You don’t have to worry about servers, configuration and all of that other system administrator stuff anymore. Just create your logic and deploy!

During this session I’ll talk about the concepts of these serverless systems with a focus on Azure Functions. I’ll tell you why you should care about them and how it can help you design a modern solution architecture.


Session info:

Speaker: Jan de Vries

Cloud Solution Architect/Developer at 4DotNet

Date: 16 March 2018

Time: 15:40 - 16:30

Relevant tags:
Backend Serverless

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