Schedule 2023

12 May 2023 Conference Pathé Amsterdam Noord

Appdevcon + Endpoint
Future Tech Pathe 1 Architecture Pathe 2 Apple Tech Pathe 3 Google Tech Pathe 4 Backend Tech Pathe 5 Web Tech Pathe 6 Best Practices Pathe 7 Multi platform Tech Pathe 8
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:45 Room switch 09:45
09:50 An alternative solution to Wireframes and Coordinators: the State machine and it’s little helper Robert van Loghem, Sanne Noordzij
Architecture iOS
Voyage to Planet X – The lesser-known libraries of Kotlinx Severn Everett
Android Kotlin
Frontend ❤️ OpenAPI Maarten Van Hoof
Backend Web
Using A/B Testing to improve your app Daniel Jilg
Best practices
10:35 Coffee break 10:35
10:55 Navigating the AI Revolution: A Developer’s Guide to Staying Relevant and Valuable Adi Stein
AI Inspiration Tools
Warning!! New technology ahead Donny Wals
Best-practice iOS
Building an async/await, testable, mockable network library Firas Safa
iOS Swift
Practical Jetpack Compose Performance Jamie Craane
Android Kotlin
API Governance Without Tears Lorna Mitchell
Backend Best practices
What have I learned about accessibility since the last time I was here? Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats
One programming language from the floor to the ceiling Jérôme Van Der Linden
Backend Typescript Web
11:40 Room switch 11:40
11:50 SwiftUI: Love at First Swipe or Swipe Left? Zamzam Farzamipooya
iOS Swift
Exploring Passkeys: The Marathon to a Password-free World Dennis Hills
Best-practice Security
Building universal mobile and web apps with React Native Mo Khazali
Cross Platform
12:20 Lunch 12:20
Inspiration Pathe 1 Architecture Pathe 2 Apple Tech Pathe 3 Google Tech Pathe 4 Backend Tech Pathe 5 Development Tools Pathe 6 Best Practices Pathe 7 Multi platform Tech Pathe 8
13:15 Diagram your way to world domination! Martin Legris
Best practices
Domain-Driven Design: The Basics Stefan Koopmanschap
Deep Dive into Xcode Instruments Dominik Gail
iOS Tools
Jetpack Compose Slots – How to write deeply customizable UI components Filip Babić
Android Kotlin
Writing a full-text search engine in TypeScript Michele Riva
NoSQL Database for Mobile App’s Mohit Sharma
Android iOS
Native versus cross-platform API’s for accessible apps Jan Jaap de Groot
14:00 Room switch 14:00
14:10 Don’t fight the architecture Tom Colvin
Android Architecture
Type-Driven Design in Swift Alex Ozun
iOS Swift
Caching the uncacheable: delivering personalized experiences without sacrificing performance Thijs Feryn
Backend Performance
Node.js Project CI/CD Pipelines with GitHub Mohammad-Ali A'râbi
Backend Tools
Common Mistakes in UI Testing Alex Zhukovich
Best-practice QA
How we moved SDKs to Kotlin Multiplatform and saved the world (kind of). Zachary Powell
Cross Platform Kotlin
14:55 Coffee break 14:55
15:15 Learning in production (or why the Apollo 11 landing nearly failed) Michiel Rook
Best-practice Inspiration
The Composable Architecture: a blueprint for building better iOS apps Ibrahima Ciss
Architecture iOS
The perks of being on the wrist Hidde van der Ploeg
iOS Wearables
Imperative, declarative, object oriented, functional: four of a Kotlin kind Maia Grotepass
Android Architecture Kotlin
GraphQL As The Magic Glue For Your APIs Roy Derks
Man vs AI: How to ship secure code with GitHub CoPilot Joseph Katsioloudes
AI Tools
Mobile Security – Exploit, Obfuscate, Detect & Deceive Konstantinos Natsios
Android iOS Security
16:00 Room switch 16:00
16:10 Decision-making for developers Rick Kuipers
Inspiration Soft skills
Modular App Architecture Dylan Drost
Android Architecture
OpenSourced Apple Health Frameworks (Wow) Emad Ghorbaninia
Mobile Development in a Kotlin Multiplatform World Gijs van Veen
Android iOS Kotlin
16:40 Room switch 16:40
17:30 Closing note 17:30
17:45 After Party 17:45

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