This years schedule, more to be announced soon

16 march Main conference day

Design & Inspiration Architecture Apple Tech Google Tech Multi platform
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 Building Better Software by Building Better Teams by Ash Furrow
09:50 Learning A New Language – While Learning A New Language by Ellen Shapiro
inspiration kotlin swift
MVC VS MVP VS MVVM by Marcin Moskała
How to debug like a pro by Paul Hudson
Android Developer Options Deep Dive by Andrea Falcone
Creating a Flutter App by Dylan Drost
cross platform flutter
10:40 Coffee break 10:40
11:00 Boost your app with Machine Learning APIs by Laurent Picard
A Tale of Two Platforms: Keeping Android & iOS in Sync by Arnaud Camus, Guilherme Branco
Option(al) Is Not A Failure by Phil Nash
The Android architecture re-evolution: ViewModel & LiveData by Sebastian Lobato Genco
Android architecture
React Native: Buy one get one free?! by Thijs Suijten
cross platform reactnative
11:50 Room switch 11:50
12:00 If we can build for astronauts, we can build for everybody by Panayotis Tzinis
Building apps at scale by Gergely Orosz
Ogres, onions and layers – story about tests at scale by Aleksander Grzyb, Ewa Ludwiczak
iOS testing
System.loadLibrary(“Unix, Native Code and why bother”) by Julio Zynger
Awesome Native Apps with NativeScript by Rowdy Rabouw
cross platform nativescript
12:50 Lunch 12:50
Design & Inspiration Future of Apps Apple Tech Google Tech Backends
13:30 Beyond Smartphone screen – scalable app design to support tablets and Chromebooks by Juhani Lehtimäki, Pierluigi Rufo
Control your voice like a Bene Gesserit by Jorge D. Ortiz Fuentes
home automation voice control
Core Data Redux by Tammo Freese
How to test your Android Things code in a clean way with Kotlin by James Coggan
IoT kotlin testing
Full-stack Swift development by Joannis Orlandos
backend swift
14:20 Room switch 14:20
14:30 Updating your app, the insane way by Roel Spruit
best practices
The Power of Blockchain by Mark Spanbroek, Stefan van den Oord
To be announced Brace yourself with Android Architecture Components by Michelantonio Trizio
Android architecture
Building Mobile Apps, APIs, and Chatbots on AWS by Dennis Hills
15:20 Coffee break 15:20
15:40 Living Smarter Not Harder: Building Mobile Products The Happy Way by Marcus Wermuth
inspiration product development
Learning how to play the guitar with Actions on Google by Joe Birch
home automation voice control
TBD by Daniel Steinberg
To be announced Why should I care about serverless? by Jan de Vries
backend serverless
16:40 Closing Keynote 16:40
17:30 Conference closing + after party 17:30