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Friday 17 March 2017 Conference

Inspiration & Architecture Track 1 / Room 13 (Main) Pathe Arena Apple Tech Track 2 / Room 12 Pathe Arena Google Tech Track 3 / Room 11 Pathe Arena Tips & Tools Track 4 / Room 10 Pathe Arena
08:30 Welcome and registration 08:30
09:00 Opening Keynote: The Power of Small Cesare Rocchi
09:50 You Too Can Be A Sketching Machine! Rizwan Javaid
best practices inspiration
Mixins over Inheritance Olivier Halligon
best practices Swift
RxJava 2 for the rest of us Hugo Visser
Android reactive
Sharing Code Between Web and Native Apps Sebastian Witalec
Android cross platform iOS
10:15 10:15
10:40 Coffee break 10:40
11:00 Getting Clean, Keeping Lean Joe Birch
architecture best practices inspiration
State Management and Unidirectional Data Flow with Swift Nikolas Burk
I Like The Way You Move Mark Allison
Getting started with Google Firebase Jeroen Leenarts
Android iOS tools
11:50 Room switch 11:50
12:00 Hidden mysteries behind big mobile codebases Fernando Cejas
architecture best practices
Dependency Injection in Practice Yoichi Tagaya
best practices Swift
New UI Interactions in Android Wear 2.0 Michael Kwan
Android wearables
Supercharging your mobile app release with fastlane Andrea Falcone
best practices tools
12:50 Lunch 12:50
Best Practices Apple Tech Google Tech Connecting Things
13:30 Smartphone Security Daniel Zucker, Jan-Felix Schmakeit
Android best practices iOS security
When a Wearable Meets an iPhone Alberto Guarino
iOS wearables
Interactions in parallel worlds with Android Wajdi Ben Rabah
Android VR
Things to remember when you build your robot army Nir Dobovizki
14:20 Room switch 14:20
14:30 Turn specs into high quality apps Marco Kuiper
Android best practices iOS
Test Driving Swift To The Max Phil Nash
Swift testing
No excuses: switch to Kotlin! Thijs Suijten
Android Kotlin
Developing apps for sensors and connected devices Mathijs Kadijk
15:20 Coffee break 15:20
15:40 Library Development – Stuck between a Pod and a Jar file Zan Markan
Android best practices iOS Swift
Siri: You’d better Listen to me! Pim Stolk
Swift voice
Make your app for TV by integrating with New Google Cast SDK Sonia Sharma
Android tv
♫ These are a few of my favourite (Android) Things ♫ Marcos Placona
Android IoT
16:40 Closing Keynote: It’s About Time Daniel Steinberg
17:30 End of activities 17:30

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