Building Smart Home Apps with Google Home Mobile SDK

Today Smart Home devices can be difficult to install, and often are incompatible between ecosystems. Still, popularity continues to rise with projections showing 60% of households will own smart devices by 2026. Matter is an ambitious new standard developed jointly by over 200 companies including Google, Apple, and Amazon to solve this problem. With Matter installation and management of smart home devices is greatly simplified. Matter’s promise is to simplify smart home device installation such that a single manufacturer’s device can work across a range of platforms. Between now and the end of the decade it is expected that there will be over 5.5 Billion Matter compatible devices.

In this talk we present the end-to-end developer journey for app developers to support matter devices using the Google Home Mobile SDK and Google Home Developer Center. With the Google Home Mobile SDK both professional developers and hobbyists can build apps capable of installing and controlling matter devices. We demonstrate provisioning a fabric, adding the device to the fabric, and connecting the device to the network. We will also cover topics of interest to embedded developers such as Intelligence Clusters and the Google Home Developer Center.


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Daniel Zucker

Speaker: Daniel Zucker

Tech Lead/Manager at Google Nest

Date: 24 June 2022

Time: 09:50 - 10:40

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Home automation Voice

Pierre Delisle

Speaker: Pierre Delisle

Staff Engineer at Google Nest

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