Multidisciplinary teams as the key to digital success

With agency work you quickly think of creative solutions that must be valuable and also have to look great. However, to actually make cool stuff you need a solid foundation with a solid team.

It is precisely why, within a mobile agency like ours, that everyone matters. Not just the tech leads or strategists, but for instance the backend developer is essential when devising and developing that solid foundation. At backend development lies the foundation for giving the freedom to strategists, designers and mobile devs to come up with truly distinctive and future-proof solutions. With a number of cases, we focus on the role of the multidisciplinary team and how especially focussing on creating that solid foundation can lead to even greater apps.

From this talk we hope to give developers, designers, strategists, architects, project managers and even CEO’s the insights to make small changes tomorrow and line up your teams to achieve results that blow your clients away. Prepare yourself to see extremely good looking apps but also the beauty of the technical solutions we came up with that end users will not see.


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Ennio Brands

Speaker: Ennio Brands

Technical Strategist at Move at Move Agency

Date: 24 June 2022

Time: 13:15 - 14:00

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Best practices Inspiration

Matthijs Klaver

Speaker: Matthijs Klaver

Creative Strategist at Move at Move Agency

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