TCA: Path towards Building Better SwiftUI Apps

Talk title:

A Newbie’s Guide To The Composable Architecture
(can also be called as)
Leveraging Composable Architecture At Scale
(can also be called as)
TCA: Path towards Building Better SwiftUI Apps


The emergence of SwiftUI and State-driven programming has led to the rise in the introduction of various architectures, and among them, The Composable Architecture (TCA) has been one of the most widely adopted in recent times.
When I started working with a new SwiftUI app, I had a lot of ups and downs with TCA, I will be sharing my experiences in this talk.
This talk focuses on a 50-50, talk plus a hands-on walk-through.

Talk contents:

– How TCA works and what are its components (State, Action, Reducer and Store)
– How to create a feature in TCA
– Do I really need TCA for my app?
– Testing in TCA
– Pros and Cons


Session info:

Speaker: Muralidharan Kathiresan

Senior iOS Developer and Creator at Ballys Interactive

Date: 15 March 2024

Time: 11:50 - 12:20

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Architecture iOS

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