6 in-depth tutorials on a variety of topics

The tutorial day schedule is complete!

februari 20th, 2017

We have completed the appdevcon tutorial schedule. Here’s an overview of the 6 in-depth tutorials. Each tutorial is a half-day, so you can select 2 different tutorials to attend. Tutorial day is on March 16, the day before the main appdevcon conference.

This year we focus on architectural best practices such as aspect oriented programming and generics, and we also have two sessions on testing. Finally we have 2 in-depth sessions on reactive programming, an increasingly popular paradigm on both iOS and Android.

If you already purchased a conference ticket but decide you want to go to the tutorial day too, you can now buy a tutorial supplement ticket from our ticket store. If you don’t have a ticket yet, note that our tutorial day is smaller in scale (a maximum of 35 attendees per tutorial) than the main conference, so do’t wait too long to get your ticket.